How To Cultivate Edible Mushrooms At Home

Among the wide variety of mushrooms suitable for culinary use, we stop at a kind of indisputable good taste: the Mushroom or Agaricus bisporus. The cultivating mushrooms edible industrial culture differs from the latter employs dark, moist places for fungi to grow. However, the mushroom grows well in places accessible to the home such as patios, balconies or terraces, provided you can recreate a suitable environment.

Other varieties of mushrooms to grow at home

In all cases the process is very economical, yet each of the steps very entertaining, especially the care and growth, of course, the collection and subsequent tasting mushrooms in sophisticated dishes but hundred percent homemade.

The mushrooms are grown in orchards growing in devices that are purchased at specialty stores and bullets are called mushroom or organic material for growing mushrooms. Each of these packets is sufficient for a good cultivation block so that with few materials have for a first experiment with mushroom house. Each ball has a measure of 50 cm long, 40 wide and 20 cm. deep.

How to start growing

These bullets for growing mushrooms possess the necessary qualities of each mushroom substrate, so that your purchase guarantees that the fungus will find everything they need for their development. When you go to the market, we will find several qualities of these bullets, so you must rely on the word of the seller, or buy bullets pre-cultured, we provide a sampling of fungal growth.

Requirements for growing

The primary requirement for the spores to develop is to create a suitable climate. So if they are on the balcony or in a place open, you must ensure that they never give direct sun. You can use partial shade or boxes to create an environment that also retains the freshness and moisture.

If the cultivation of mushrooms is small or if you place inside the house, it is best to place the cultivation of your mushrooms in a dark room, where the temperature does not exceed 20 degree Celsius and a humidity of 80%, without leaving having ventilation.

Watering should be done on the ground, not on fungi, and possibly with rainwater. Drinking water has chlorine, which is contraindicated in growing mushrooms. Mineral water can also be used. Another requirement is to care for the crop of flies and mosquitoes.

Collection of Mushrooms

To collect the mushrooms just have to gently pull each mushroom up out of the earth. It is ok to prune or cut them because they are buried the remains rot and ruin the floor. The ideal time to consume these mushrooms is just collected.

Other varieties of mushrooms to grow at home

Besides the mushroom Agaricus bisporus can penetrate in the cultivation of mushrooms as the Photolia aegerita (mushroom poplar) of Eringii Boletus (or mushrooms) of Pleurotus ostreatus (oyster mushrooms) or Lentinula edodes (Chinese mushroom).


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