How to cure acne and chilblains

Chilblains are lesions that have a red or purple, with a slight swelling with a temperature change in the area and itching and usually occur on the back of the fingers and toes, nose and ears.

What is the most important for presenting the chilblains?

The main cause of chilblains manifest that is a problem with blood flow to certain areas of the body, which cause cold in the forms closing blood vessels open after abruptly causing the blood to way to mass to the area affected by frostbite.Home remedies for acne

How can you relieve chilblains?

Chilblains can be calm through some herbs or foods such as mistletoe infusions, which were used in the leaves and stems to make the tea and drink it two or three times a day.
Home remedies for acne

The celery soup is very effective, distributing the stock in the area affected by frostbite to relieve itching, tincture of myrrh is used to massage the feet, hands, ears or nose, or area that is affected to decrease symptoms.

A clove of garlic or lemon juice is excellent for soothing the itching and inflammation of the same.


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