How To Get Curly Hair In A Natural Way?

Usually those who have curly hair tends to stretch them, even just to change look, while, conversely, those who have straight hair with curls tries to curl it larger or smaller. Maybe because you are never happy and that you always struggle when it will be because changing his appearance is beautiful and fun, the fact is that the time is always short, and we are often looking for quick solutions and practices. To curl the hair usually tends to resort to solutions stressful enough as permanent and curlers. Today we will try to get a good result in a very natural way. Let’s see how.

straight hair with curls tries to curl it larger or smaller

  • A natural solution is also easy enough, simply use strips of cloth to the place of the curlers.
  • Just cut them into rectangles, attire around the hair strands and then tie the two ends.
  • You will be able to sleep without too much trouble and the next morning you will have some beautiful curls.
  • During the summer, the best way to get a nice hairdo move is to wash your hair and dry them in the sun.
  • You will see results!
  • If you then go to the sea you can see how the salt water does everything by itself making you get the wavy hair naturally beautiful. After the bath with shampoo rinse well with warm water to remove the salt.
  • Apply just a small amount of balm, from a comb in the shower, rinse again and then dry them. The game is done. If you avoid even comb it will be even more motivated.

Another solution is to make one or more braids with damp hair and leave on for a few hours or overnight.

  • When then discards everything you just ran a hand through the hair without using combs or brushes and you will get perfect waves. Even a simple headband can get you great results.
  • Combs the hair lightly with water and then vaporize with a spray bottle.
  • Put it around the head by passing on his forehead. At this point divide the hair in strands and pass them around the band wrapping from the top downwards, passing from the inside.
  • Continue in this manner until all the hair to wrap around the band that will support. You simply have to keep them on for a few hours and the result is guaranteed.

The ideal is to have recourse to this remedy in the evening before going to bed and in the morning your hair will be perfectly curled. Style to make with just your hands and apply very little hair wax to be shinier and natural. These solutions are not only easy to be taken at home, but also economic and aggressive.


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