How to deal with sibling jealousy at the birth of another baby?

Jealousy in children are a natural feeling. Some children are jealous with the arrival of a sibling. Find out here how to deal with!

From the second year, children are very sensitive to changes, so you can experience jealousy at the arrival of a sibling. To help children overcome jealousy, parents should talk with the child beforehand, show other babies and let them touch the mother’s womb during pregnancy. And when the baby is born, reserve some time the older brother not to feel moved. Each child has his needs!

How to deal with sibling jealousy at the birth of another baby

Jealousy is a natural feeling. They consist of a mixture of love and hate it very difficult to tolerate for whom I feel. How can love and hate at the same time the same person?

With the arrival of a sibling, whatever the age of your child, parents should talk to him about going to have a brother. Children are very sensitive to changes. It is counterproductive to hide aspects as evident as pregnancy, preparations, the cradle …

Children hear the comments of other adults and ask many questions. Let the child touch the mother’s womb, which lays the kicks … They can show pictures of him from when he was little to go by an idea. Or show other babies.

The boy expected to hit a playmate, not a baby. Go explain the difference and that it will take some time until they can play. They can talk to the baby, to the fantasy, the child will already including among members of the family.

The position of the parents when the baby arrives home

For the older, small occupies most of the time and attention from their parents. Invade their territory wiping out everything that comes into their little hands. This leads to clashes, which usually ends up crying and little more is rebuked.

In these cases should reserve a space for the game’s elder brother, while at a large space with small toys and teaching him that there are areas that must be respected. And let’s make it clear that no aggression is not allowed.

Parents should help their children solve their conflicts by themselves instead of acting as arbitrators in disputes (if it is not a baby!). It’s good for their autonomy.

Parents should seek to divide the time spent with children. While a smaller dedicated to the other can engage older siblings accompany them to school if possible, going to their parties or school functions, interest in their appointments, and so on.

Do you treat the same or different?

Children are all different, why are we treating them the same? Each age has its duties, rights, and duties.

The older child should be treated with respect and baby should be assured their safety. But both are people with their own feelings and different needs.

Children of all ages need to be shown affection. Do not be afraid. It gives them security. It helps them grow and become independent. Do not get tired of talking to the children. Comment on the feelings that underlie the actions and words.


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