How to decorate the bedroom to have more light

How to achieve a bright bedroom? Walls and fabrics in light colors, lacquered furniture, white linens, glass cabinets, well-placed mirrors are some of the elements that allow you to decorate the bedroom to have more light.

Ideas for decorating with White paint

A safe bet to win is to use light to white, because it diffuses light, wide space and raises the roof. So if you want this effect of this color painting walls, windows and shutters and beams or elements that make up the roof. Meters will increase without works. It also will achieve a light and bright. Just look at some pictures of white decor to make this and take ideas.

Choosing pickled furniture for Dress the bed and corners

Ideas for decorating by Choosing pickled furniture

If you have a dark or rustic room, you can reduce the visual impact of exposed beams and stone walls and brick, with a light furniture, black and painting the rest of the cream-colored walls enhance clarity. The painted wood etched in white looks great on this type of space and does not break with the rustic style due to its finish. If still you fail to clarify and expand the whole space, also employs clear textiles.

Ideas for decorating by dressing the bed and corners

Without necessarily resorting white bedding can help bring clarity to the bedroom. The neutral tones like ivory, beige and creams also reflect light, but creating warmer environments, serene and relaxing. Brighten the corners finishes giving overall light, for example, pickling the envelope or drawer fronts in a lighter color and changing other shooters by silver metal to glow with light. He adds mirrors, one large and is very helpful and white lamps and glass objects.

Ideas for decorating by Multiplying with mirrors

A well placed mirror is an art for decoration, not only provides a sense of space, but also helps to multiply the light in your bedroom. For example, facing a window or lamp itself becomes the point of light to reflect. So if you need to brighten up your bedroom uses them. If also opt for a vertical form, it is the floor support and increase the spaciousness surely.

Ideas for decorating by adding metallic accessories and crystals

If you paint, for example, the headboard wall a dark color to give depth, choose white furniture or light colors to enhance this effect. Also, put glass surfaces on the nightstands and add objects of steel, aluminum or nickel, always well polished and shiny so that, when you turn on the light, this is reflected in them.

One of the elements that can obscure and belittle one bedroom closets are. To lighten their volume and not subtract light, choose them-colored, lacquered, painted and pickled or glass doors. If you want to hide inside, add curtains or simply clear it.

If you are one of those who prefer warm environments, clear and full of light, or if you live in an area bathed in darkness and amplitude want to win any of these tips to illuminate and decorate the bedroom it help you much, plus they are very easy to be applied. Follow them and you will see the result really charming.


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