How to defeat Quadratus, the Mammoth in Shadow of the Colossus

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After having finished with the colossus Valus, he plays online game for free, Quadratus, the Mammoth. This enemy is also part of the “tutorial” that teaches us the mechanics of the game. This enemy is not far from the Sanctuary, we can find it to the north, at the bottom of the great canyon.

In that direction you will find a natural bridge, cross it to go in the right direction. Upon arrival an animation will be released, then head to the right of the turnoff and you will spiral down to the first level of the canyon . On the right you will find a dark corner, a wall. If you approach you will see a scene where Quadratus crosses it.

At the time of facing this colossus, for nothing in the world you stand in front of him, this colossus makes an attack by raising its front legs and hits the ground. To be able to face him, get off your horse and get close to his hind legs. You must use the bow, if you look carefully under their hooves there are luminescent symbols (this indicates that it is their weak point). If you hit the colossus will stay still and with the leg tilted a few seconds.

Quadratus, second colossus

There is moss around your limb, you know what you have to do. Once you are climbing the colossus will recover. You must climb to the top . In the part of the kidneys you will see the symbol where you have to nail your sword. This you should do a few times.

When the symbol disappears go to the head , be careful when Quadratus moves you could fall. When you are over the head you will see its weak point, nail a few swords and you will end up with the second colossus of the game.

Do not underestimate this colossus when you are on top, learn your movements well, if you neglect you could fly through the air and you would have to start over again. Control the level of resistance well and use it when necessary. In another post we have shown you how to get rid of Valus and how to find the secret garden and the poisoned fruit .


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