How to Delete Windows network: A guide for beginners

Not rarely, automatically configured networks often means that you want to delete a Windows network – with a few steps, this task can be mastered easily.

Overview of all windows to keep networks is significantly important for a secure computer system. You should therefore periodically remove unwanted Windows network to provide the system safety.

Network and Sharing Center

Control center for networks – The Control Panel

To delete a Windows network, you have to deal in detail with the Network and Sharing Center. This management element of the operating system is extensive information on how to present the individual network connections are set. In addition, it is possible in this center, add networks to change or delete them.

Unfortunately, these are a highly nested menu, sometimes with very little unique names. If we proceed step by step, but you can easily delete a Windows network; because the Network and Sharing Center is a part of the control system, one must first open the Control Panel folder. This thing can be accomplished simply by clicking the Windows Start button in the lower left corner of the screen and subsequently the menu option “Control Panel” window opens. Once you’re in a menu can be set from which almost every detail of the computer.

Of importance is only now, however, the entry “Network and Internet”. Here’s the current status of the network, which is to be deleted again be reviewed. “Tasks and Network Status Display” on the desired information is available. Select this menu item to continue with the deletion of the network.

Now that would have been incorrect or unwanted network to be visible. One or more error messages should be marked by red visible crosses. If it is a fault-free network, which does not require deletion, is at the top of the screen a series to watch with three elements: Firstly, the computer name (for example, “Smith PC”), on the other hand, an element “Multiple Networks” and the “Internet “. Where one or more elements of this chain, you should delete it without question, the Windows network. These are now required only a few clicks.

On the left side of the list is a bar with several links to various options. Contrary to expectations, there is the delete option “Manage wireless networks” is not the point, but “Change Adapter Settings”. Click “Change Adapter Settings” button on the reason. Now you are presented with a list of all networks that are currently – whether accurate or not – are active on your system.

Now select that network, which is to be deleted, with the right mouse button. In the context menu that opens, click the “Delete”. If you are sure you want to delete the Windows network, then select this menu item. After a quick click and a confirmation of the network is completely erased.


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