How to detect and treat Bullying among children

Bullying is used to define harassment, abuse, aggressive attitudes and grievances that perform one or more students against one or the other. The harasser exercises the bullying to the victim to prevail and have it long dominated.

The hunted have many problems, suffers from anxiety, pain, fear, shame to such an extent that can lead you to take drastic as suicide.
How to detect and treat Bullying among children
To learn how to spot bullying you must first know that there are different types of bullying which often occur simultaneously.

  1. Physical Bullying: are physical assaults such as kicking, hitting, pushing, this is common in primary school.
  2. Verbal bullying: is the most common, is based on insults, ridicule, contempt, protruding defects, etc..
  3. Psychological Bullying: they attack the person’s self esteem and make it be afraid.
  4. Social bullying: the attacker or attackers seek to isolate the victim from peers to feel alone and thus exercise their power more forcefully.

Features of bullying:

  • There are a victim who is attacked by an abuser or group of attackers.
  • There is an unequal situation between strong and weak.
  • The aggressive action is repeated over time and is performed recursively.
  • Aggression makes the victim think may be the target of new attacks.
  • It intimidates a specific person, not a group.

In order to detect bullying the parents must be aware of certain aspects that show the child:

  • Changes in the child’s behavior and mood
  • The boy is sad, crying and irritable.
  • Nightmares, presents alterations in sleep and appetite
  • Has somatic and head aches, stomach, vomiting.
  • Lose your clothes or belongings school.
  • Appears with bumps, scrapes, bruises and says it was because he fell in school.
  • The child does not rise and interact with their peers.
  • Do not want to go hiking, or school activities.
  • He wants his parents to join him in and out of school.
  • Not go to school.

The treatment should focus not only on the victim, but the attackers have to undergo therapy because harassment generates consequences in both the aggressor is predisposed to violence in the future and you may develop abusive behavior when adult.

The first goal is to stop harassment by school and family intervention and then treated the multiple psychological consequences generated by the bullying, it is necessary to restore self-esteem and confidence of the victim also giving strategies that can reduce the chances of getting future aggression.


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