How to dress to go to a wedding

Most of the time when we are invited to a wedding not actually know what dress or how to do it. It must be of the kind of wedding we go, the hour of the day and the kind of party to be carried out after the ceremony.

How to dress to go to a wedding

Depending on the type of wedding dress

Informal wedding day: A short dress or a set. Use to go to the Office or to perform business going according to this occasion.

Informal wedding night: it is advisable to a cocktail dress.

Semi-formal wedding day: A set or short dress. On this occasion not going very well dress that we use in the Office or to do business.

Semi-formal wedding night: here is also very well a cocktail dress.

Formal wedding day: A short dress or a set. On this occasion you can dress optionally with hat or gloves.

Formal wedding night or black suit: dressed as a long or short cocktail, but must be kept elegance. Use necklaces and accessories that go with the chosen clothing is recommended.

Ultra formal wedding: A long black dress and maximum elegance accessories like furs and diamonds.

What you should and should not be:

  • You should not wear white because he would be competing with the bride. There are many colors and shades to choose from, let white for other special occasions.
  • You must not wear black or with sequins in weddings conducted during the day.
  • Please do not worry in clothing of the same colors of the godmothers or the mothers of the couple. It is totally impossible to coordinate with all the women present at the wedding not to use the same tones.
  • Something very feminine and appropriate, particularly for respect must dress the bride and groom.
  • Must not wear what we get to go to discos, clothes extremely sexy as straples and transparencies; because it will not in the style of a wedding. If you have to ask whether it is appropriate, possibly it is not.
  • No gloves long Opera, to go beyond the elbow must dress if you don’t dress without sleeves.
  • You must remove gloves to eat or drink.


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