How to eliminate dark circles around eyes

Several people have had dark circles around eyes or any part of the skin. No need to worry, it’s totally normal and does not involve any health risk. However, you must recognize that they are a cosmetic problem. So the question becomes how can we eliminate dark circles completely in natural way?


First, determine what are the causes of these circles? Stress, sleeplessness and exhaustion are some causes among others. There are also nutritional causes such as lack of iron.


How to eliminate dark circles around eyes


It follows that the first step to eliminate dark circles is sleep and rest properly. Iron-rich foods such as lentils are essential in such situation. In winter you can eat a mess of pottage and in summer you can incorporate cold as a salad of lentils and egg.


But in addition to rest and food, it can be corrected with other household tricks. You can decongest the eye area with sliced potatoes or cucumbers. Its fast-inflammatory action it will make your eyes look without circles.


If you also have around a halo dark eyes you can rinse with lemon juice. If you soak cotton in pure lemon juice and I’ll spend all day in the dark circles, notice how little by little they are clearing.


Another way to remove dark circles is by drinking lots of water. This will cause urination and thus we deflated, the dark circles disappear. Traditional drink two liters of water per day is ideal to have a face more beautiful.


In addition to increasing water consumption should reduce salt intake. The salt makes the water retained in the bodies and this water is stored as dark circles. Reducing salt intake and drinking more water will help to achieve better results quickly.


Finally, an anti mask dark circles infallible grating is achieved by adding a carrot and a little olive oil and then applied to the eyelids.


Taking into account these tricks home and you could eliminate your dark circles in a couple of days. Also, if you want to increase results, each time you want to put yourself at sunscreen use sunglasses. This will protect your eyes and prevent dark circles to last long.


The eyes are part of face and you must take care to have a healthy and attractive appearance. Apply these tips to help you say bye dark circles!


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