How to find the secret garden and the poisoned fruit in Shadow of the Colossus

SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS on PlayStation 4 system

During your course in the Playstation game you will appreciate that there are areas that seem inaccessible, you will need to explore them if you want to get all the trophies of the game. The secret garden is an area that is located at the top of the temple where we started our adventure and we only see in the last scene of the game. To get there we will need more than resistance.

First of all, we will have to finish the game 3 times, yes, playing in New game. Thus our resistance bar will be extended. When we have done this now we can get two very important trophies of the game and “strangers” to get.

When starting the fourth game we have to leave the temple, go down the stairs and turn on the left. We will find a moss through which we can ascend. In this part the vital thing was the resistance, if you really have spent the game 3 times this will not be any problem .

Shadow of the Colossus for Playstation 4 system

Upon reaching the top we will find the “desired” forbidden fruit , which will give us an effect contrary to all the others in the game, but you will need to be able to get the platinum trophy. Of the 33 fruits distributed throughout the map of Shadow of the Colossus, this will make you reduce your health and energy, it seems crazy to take it, but it is necessary to get the platinum trophy

The second trophy of this post called “Reaching the door” is achieved by crossing the bridge that you have reached, you will get it when you reach the big door that is on the other side. Crossing the bridge takes about 7 minutes, so be patient and be very careful to distract yourself with the joystick and fall into the void.

These two trophies can be left for the last , taking the fruit will make the game more difficult so it is advisable to go and look for it when it is the only trophy we have left to get.


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