How to fix No mountable file system Error in Mac OS X

In Mac OS X, DMG (disk mounted Graphics) files are treated as real disks. You can mount the image files that the normal hard disk volumes have. This file format allows you to compress files and the secure password protection and serves as a file distribution and security features. You can easily create files with DMG using Disk Utility in Mac OS X 10.3 and later. You can easily access data from DMG files after erection. However, in some cases, these files can not be mounted and you can not access data from them. At this point, you risk losing your valuable data and need Mac Data Recovery to recover data lost.

In a practical scenario, when you try to mount a DMG file on disk using the Finder to access data from the file, you may encounter error message given below:

“No mountable file system”

After this error message, the file becomes inaccessible and all its data are blocket. In order to access data from the file, you need to find the cause of this problem and perform data recovery Mac in sorting.

It is the Mont-II making process file system information ready. After assembling the training record or DMG, its contents can be viewed.

A Finder of Mac OS X application that manages user files, network volumes, readers, and launching applications.



When you try to mount the DMG file, the operating system’s file system is not in the correct format for mounting the image. The system file is either damaged or missing. Due to this reason, the DMG file may become unusable and you face severe data loss situations.



Use Disk Utility to verify the integrity of the file. The tool checks the error file and if it detects an error, tries to repair it. If Disk Utility can not solve the problem, use a third party Mac Data Recovery application such as Mac recovery software. They use powerful scanning algorithms to perform deep scan the entire hard drive and extract all lost data, missing and inaccessible data from it. They are equipped with a simple user interface and interactive graphics and therefore do not require sound and prior technical skills. Tools to preserve the integrity of your data as they conduct read-only and non destructive.

There are Macintosh Data Recovery software that are effective and advanced for the absolute recovery of lost data which can recovers data from HFS, HFS +, HFSX, HFS Wrapper and FAT file system volumes.


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