How to get a free digital camera

Stealing, besides being awkward, is not the only way to get a free camera. There are other ways, some require some effort to get a camera without paying anything or paying the price of the camera and subsequently recovered. Are ways not always guaranteed (?), it must be said, but if you’re going to spend your life savings on a camera, it never hurts to know a workaround to help you avoid having to pay the price. Yes, always within the law.

how to get a free camera

Win a photo contest

You can both buy the camera, and try to pay back the money invested by participating in photo contests, as well as participating with any camera for very cheap and simple it is (remember that the photo does not make the camera makes the photographer) in an attempt to win the contest and since the prize money to us with a decent camera. Most people are afraid to photography contests, they think they earn only major professional photographers, and it is not. Involved in many contests are mostly beginners and amateurs who usually win, especially in small local competitions and prize nature modest, as the great professional photographers looking to get more succulent contests and prizes greater economic level.

Selling photos via stock agencies

There are plenty of websites where publishers, marketers and advertising agencies and buy photos. These photos are just the work of other photographers like you, some professionals and other enthusiasts who post their work on this bank of images, put a price, and wait for someone interested in the picture and buy it. They typically pay up to $ 25 (18 euros) for the photo. Not much money but what happens if you sell only 2 photos per month? If after 1 year you get $ 600 selling 24 photos planted barely while enjoying. You have to be constant, upload many pictures to multiply your chances, tag those pictures and name correctly to be easily found, and wait. It costs nothing and after all if you enjoy taking pictures, never lost your attempt. Some image banks; sites where you can sell your photos:




Make paid photo sessions

No need to be a crack of the photo to get customers to access money to pay you photographed. Are people aware that they put in the hands of an amateur who does not have a professional profile of photography, but prefers to hire him and pay 50 euros before having to pay 200 euros a professional photographer for a photo shoot.

There are people who are not dedicated to professional photography but because of his ability as a portrait photography as it relates to pull out a bonus spend the weekend photographing indie bands just starting out, or the neighbor of the fifth with your pet, or cover the communion / wedding of a cousin, and so on.

Register as a volunteer for testing, tests and opinion polls

There are companies dedicated to collecting user opinions about products and services. They work as follows: you will enroll in the free page and indicate your tastes, hobbies and interests. Each time the company receives a commission of inquiry or test product that fits your profile will contact you, invite you to respond to a survey of opinion and consumer habits and sometimes send a copy of proposed product for you try and give your opinion as a user. Many companies are turning to this type of testing prior to the official product launch.

You see, even without being a photographer by profession, there are several ways to monetize our camera and use it to recover the financial investment.

If you know of any alternative way to recover the price of a camera or leave it free for us please be sure to share it with us below in comments.


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