How to get a perfect face

To get an enviable complexion just using a little cream may not work, but should follow all beauty routine every day, then you can keep your skin in better condition.

Another important aspect is to select specific products that suit the needs of your dermis and do not use any unsuitable products because that may be harmful to your skin.

Tips for the perfect face:

Sleep 8 hours a day

Good sleep is crucial to preserve the beauty and vitality, sleep at least 8 hrs a day; helps the skin to regenerate and recover from damage suffered during the day, the dermis is fresher, rested and with less lines expression.


Hydration is not only going to apply creams, moisturizers, but to moisturize skin from within, that is taking at least 2 liters of pure and crystalline water per day is also necessary. Moreover, the water helps the body to get rid itself of from accumulated toxins and environmental pollution, poor living habits, etc., resulting a more radiant skin.

KEEP IN MIND: It is essential to remove all traces of makeup and impurities before going to bed at night because facial skin is oxygenated and revitalized during this period. Currently, there are many ways to remove makeup and dirt from a practical and effective, so there is no possible excuse for not doing so.


Clean the skin with water and a special facial cleanser for your skin type. This step should be performed in the morning when you wake up and before going to bed to remove dead cells, makeup and environmental dirt.

Eye Contour Care

The skin around the eyes is much more sensitive and prone to wrinkles. It’s advised that after 25 years it is essential that you apply a treatment for eye area suitable for your particular case.

Sun care

Protecting skin from sunlight is essential to maintaining a beautiful face. Try not to expose to the sun during peak hours, use creams with SPF every day.

Use appropriate creams

For every age there are various types of creams, if you are young you will have to opt for the more fluid and not oily, however if your skin is mature you should choose the treatments “anti age” that hydrate dry skin and have a tightening effect among other things.

Become peelings

The peeling is necessary to remove dead cells, one to two times per week do yourself a mechanical peeling on face and neck, do not forget to apply a tonic after this treatment to close pores.

Use masks

One to two times a week use a suitable mask for your skin type, thus nourish your skin with active ingredients that prolong its beauty. Mask can be made by yourself also can be purchased made from natural ingredients. Both options are equally favorable.


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