The failure and its causes in undergraduate college

The degree of school failureThe failure and its causes in undergraduate college is a very extensive, with multiple sources, and it must be treated from different perspectives. Sometimes failure in undergraduate college in early age can give for undiagnosed vision problem or bored.

The failure and its causes in undergraduate college

But you can also give away for many other reasons than you can handle, as it is the education system which is not considered the slowest wait to move in unison with others. These children with learning problems are almost doomed to private extra classes, to a decrease in leisure time to devote more time to the study and at the end, in an educational failure define you as a person on many levels in the future.

The failure in undergraduate program is sometimes because of depression, as young people should be thinking of enjoying life responsibly. The end result is the abandonment about degree courses, so that it creates a big problem at the family level that can break the unity.

As always, the role of parents is crucial to the problems of their children, as well as dialogue and mutual assistance between parents and teachers to create a more favorable environment for the students.

Causes of failure

As mentioned, failure can occur for several reasons among which are frequently found as the following:


The state of sadness or depression in young people finds that the activity level decreases, and also reduces the motivation to perform any task.

Anxiety and stress

They have become common among students. The effect can cause is to believe that you can not handle it.

Family problems

Unfortunately, a dysfunctional home, with fights or other problems adversely affect the schooling of children.

The difficulties in school are not always associated with a lower level of intelligence. In many cases what are other reasons, such as a failure to adapt to the school environment for all reasons, such as changing schools and friends, boredom in class for being gifted, peer problems, problems at home etc.

You should not associate school failure to intelligence level of the students, much less directly by a father to his son. History is full of great men and women who failed at school but who did great things for humanity.

As parents you need to minimize the pressure from the world of education to children and youth facing for the first time in his life so apparently some important challenges for the rest of his life. From here you express the importance of your children people full of values and virtues that can collaborate with a better world and the importance of learning a trade that approaches their motivations and preferences in order to prevent school failure.

Parents must understand that the world is full of very smart people with enrollments of honor and great qualifications that can do great damage to others and the planet. You do not want your children to be of such persons, without removing it are individuals who contribute to society and that they be paid for it economically.


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