How to help babies and children during the first days of kindergarten?

Some babies and toddlers have a harder time than others to face the nursery for the first time and cry to say goodbye to bereaved parents. Some tips to help your child adjust successfully to the nursery are discussed previously, as older children, and reward their efforts with a hug when go to pick up.

A common image that is repeated year after year to the beginning of the school, is to some bereaved children crying outside the gates of the nursery when fired from their parents for the first time.

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If your child is less than one year may not notice your absence at the time. However, if the child is a little older may feel insecure and afraid at the moment of departure.

The adjustment to the nursery should be primarily a gradual process. At first, to facilitate this process, parents can take children to daycare soon (a few hours the first day) and go progressively lengthening the time until the children become accustomed.

How to prepare the child before starting kindergarten?

A useful resource before you start the nursery is to talk to your child about what to do in the nursery and approach the issue positively. For example, tell him/her .. you will meet other children, you can play with them, you will learn many things …etc..

This is an important step to standardize the process of adaptation to the nursery and take drama to the situation.

Another useful resource is to give a toy to bring you security and allows you to establish a bond of attachment to your home and family while the child is out.

How to face the moment of farewell?

The moment of departure is often the most difficult for both mothers and children, so transmit safety phrases like “you have a good time” or “enjoy as we do at home but will be even more fun”…

You can also embrace you to feel your support, but not overreach this time because it can generate more concern for the child. Remember if you are noticed sad, it will give rise sadness to your child too. It’s important to see quiet and safe.

What to do when we pick up the child in daycare?

When it comes time to pick up child is important to show your full attention, to tell you in detail what he did, who their teammates, which has played …

In this sense, is very positive that your child understand that going to the nursery is no different than it does at home and like their parents have to go to work, it also has its obligations.

Finally, spend much time preparing the first days and return in the afternoon the next day and every morning does not become upset.


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