How to identify toxic relationships at work: Apply emotional intelligence

In the workplace, you are subject to the inevitable interaction with people who have toxic relationships and uncomfortable behaviors. Rivals are lavished, envies and jealousy appear and frustrations become more or less intense.

In short, emotional intelligence is tested to withstand the pull of the week. It directly affects emotional stability and contributes to the outbreak of bad mood. Continued exposure can cause sadness to appear and even trigger depression. It is important to identify them and remedy them so that they do not harm either the mood or the performance of the functions.

emotional intelligence is tested to withstand the pull of the week. It directly affects emotional stability and contributes to the outbreak of bad mood

This is a catalog of the behaviors that thin the environments in the workplace until they become irrespirable and face those that must be prevented and remedy:

When a work is criticized, it is sometimes mixed with arguments that concern other spheres, style, personality or features that are not to the liking of the other. This does not invalidate the work or cannot be used as an argument to detract from it. You have to be awake and detect if you are evaluating constructively or only with the desire to discredit to stay above.

When this routine has been established, which is sometimes the inertia itself that drags because a person has been cataloged in a certain way, it is necessary to temper and refute always returning to the objective fact. Without entering the rag in disqualifiers and offenses and have a proactive attitude. This behavior can be in us, it is necessary to detect it and look for solutions.

Replacing the complaint with proactive action will advance the resolution

The negativity and continued criticism of a person or group is a voracious consumer of energy. It devitalizes and causes permanent hostility. Repeat the harmful comment and the complaint favors a bad environment. Whoever listens to these comments continuously runs the risk of becoming infected and entering the spiral, sometimes even for not being targeted by those ratings. The best, avoid or disable offensive judgments. Humor is a good ally on these occasions.

Another harmful behavior that is quite common in day-to-day work is passive-aggressive. Who adopts it does not clearly express that it disagrees with an issue in which it is involved. Instead of making it patent, it takes an attitude of resistance and prevents or slows the smooth running of a project. The fear of change, of leaving the comfort zone and low self-esteem is behind, many times, these positions. Identifying that the reluctance is due to issues that have nothing to do with the quality or suitability of the approaches will help to combat these behaviors.

Manipulation is frequent in labor relations and more when there are hierarchical relations and power struggles where the list of allies must be swelled to get reinforced. The alert jumps when it feels prevention against proposals of doubtful ethics. Before being forced to do things that are against their own values, it is important to detect them and brake them in the best way so as not to give in to blackmail.


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