How to incorporate guards to the walls of the house

The decorative guards are a useful and practical alternative that serves to give life to a room. Allow brighten the walls and can be used both walls is painted like those already previously papered. In the market you can find guards of different reasons, colors, materials and styles as well as can do with your hands if you have the ability to paint.

How to incorporate guards to the walls of the house

They are an ideal resource for decorating children’s rooms because they can get with children’s drawings and bright colors in pastel shades as well as for children. Guards are placed horizontally on the wall, using the same or in the extremes of both the height of the socket as close to the ceiling of the room.

How to incorporate guards to the walls of the house

Among all types of guards there, those of paper are the most used for its practicality, to place you must follow these steps:


  • Save Paper
  • Adhesive guards
  • Brush
  • Plastic spatula
  • Sponge
  • Centimeter
  • Pencil



Measure the height from the floor there to where to place the care plan and mark this distance with a pencil or chalk. Attempts to define this line so well right partner and the result is expected.

Then cut across the need to keep that wall paper and placing it in sections is not very long to achieve proper note, calculate about 5 cm margin at the stores that do not cut very fair.

Once you’ve done, the glue passes through the wall using the brush always starts from the center to the sides making sure that the edges of the guard left with enough glue.

Start hitting the guard with care and once you are all going the spatula attached from the center to the end to remove air bubbles and excess glue. Once you’ve completed the first leg of the guard, cut the other and repeat the above steps for each.

Once you’ve finished placing all the guards, past the wet sponge over the surface to remove any excess glue that might have been.


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