How to install and configure a Wi-Fi Wireless router

To install a Wi-Fi router, there is no need for professionals. A clearly written manual is sufficient.

Basic knowledge of network is of course advantageous if you want to install a wireless router. It is then that is easier to understand certain steps of the installation. If you have a well-written installation instructions, but it is possible every layman to get his home network to the Internet.

How to install and configure a Wi-Fi Wireless router

The simple connection variant

Often, you get sent to the router as a new customer, a splitter and some cables. For some people here already and they call the final installation of the service provider. The outputs of the splitter, however labeled or imaged, so it can be seen where the DSL cable is plugged in and where the telephone connection is divided.

It also helps that the connector has the “official” (the existing house connection in the wall) for hooking the nose laterally offset to the right. To the output “DSL” is to be connected to the router (there is also the DSL jack). In the front of the splitter to the telephone line or telephone device is connected to the ISDN system.

All the cables between junction boxes and WiFi router are plugged in at least one PC-router connection, can be put into operation by the insertion of the cable outlet and turning on the device, the router. Before the router get connection to the Internet, you have enter the account details that you get from the service provider.

Therefore to install a WiFi router it is important for the first time, connects to a PC via a cable. Here should the supplied cable for the PC-router connection can be used. Technically, network PCs and routers belong to the same device group that is what a particular cable (cross cable) requires.

Routers have a static IP address that one learns about the manual or the manufacturer by phone. It depends on your own PC with the network protocol (DHCP set on the Network Properties) to the router. Now you can run a browser with the IP address of the router and enters the configuration or settings screen.

There looks to be the important points such as “access” and “WLAN”. If access is set up, one tests the best moment to see if you have access to the Internet. Now we activated the WlAN, that selects the type, assigns a password and WLAN-type name and also on the PC.

The fine-tuning, which allows you to safely install Wireless Router

If you want to install a WiFi router and it puts an emphasis on safety, a few small changes to the standard installation are required. On the router itself, at the password entry ensure that at least WPA2 with TKIP or AES encryption is selected. The password should be at least 20 characters long.

The name for the WLAN also best on the release of the name (SSID). Thus, the WLAN remains invisible to the outside. Since the router from the factory of a manufacturer have the same IP address, this could be changed, so that no standard is present here.

An additional benefit is the so-called MAC address filtering. MAC addresses are assigned globally unique and provide the address of the network maps. One must only take the trouble to ascertain the addresses of all devices that are allowed into the Internet, and entered in the filter.


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