How to install Apps in Windows Mobile 7

In order to install apps on Windows Mobile 7, you must first register with Windows Live, and then use the Marketplace.

After Apple released the iPhone, many manufacturers put the software on their smartphones for apps and in particular on its own App Store. This system allows all users, and relatively easy to install new applications without much knowledge on mobile phones. In order to install apps on Windows Mobile 7, you should actually consider a few subtleties.

How to install Apps in Windows Mobile 7

In order to install any apps under Windows Mobile 7 access to Windows Live. The registration process is relatively complex and takes a few minutes.

Among other things, you have to decide whether you want to use all the features of Windows Live, or just a few. If you already have an account with MSN Messenger and similar services, you can at least dispense with the MSN Messenger. Even if you only want to install apps on Windows Mobile 7, you do not have full access to the Windows Live services. In this case reaches a limited account for which you do not even have to enter your e-mail address.

When you have completed the registration process, you have to, if not yet installed, install the Windows Marketplace to your mobile phone. Serve with a short message to Microsoft, which is answered with a download link. Finally, follow the instructions on the screen, is installed to the Marketplace.

Automatically install apps on Windows Mobile 7 with the Marketplace

Windows Marketplace includes a variety of additional software for your device. They include both applications and games, and small system tools to facilitate the one everyday. Unlike the App Store from Apple, Microsoft offers an interesting special function. If you buy an app that one later, but do not like, you can return it within 24 hours of purchase and receive the purchase price refunded.

Even the billing of purchases is relatively comfortable. Who owns a credit card can pay for any purchase with the next mobile phone bill. This of course assumes that the respective mobile service provider supports the billing of third party costs. At least the major vendors provide this service in any case.

In order to install apps on Windows Mobile 7, you must first call the Market Place and log in using your new Windows Live ID. Then you can look over menus and categories list for a new app. If you have found the right software, a finger touch of the button “Buy”.

Finally, you need to choose the payment method and wait a moment. The software is first downloaded and then set up automatically. Apps Windows Mobile 7. this will install a snap!


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