How to keep nails healthy?

Nails say a lot of good lifestyle and personality. To make them look neat and give time required to follow a series of care creams and treatments.

To avoid that look chipped, uneven, dry, brittle, yellow and diseases, not just cover them with nail polish, on the contrary, it is important to ensure their health so they can stay strong and beautiful.

How to keep your nails healthy and creams use

These small structures, which, besides protecting the fingertips, are able to manipulate objects, are continually assaulted by external and internal factors that alter its appearance and detract from its appeal to them such as:

Housework, friction or small trauma, the harmful action of external agents, vitamin deficiencies, poor diet, general diseases and even nail biting are all factors that threaten their flexibility and toughness. As a result, become weak and brittle, they leave spots or white spots, they dehydrate and dry out, so tarnish and will open in layers. They also come a grooves or fissures, as a result of mistreatment and disease at its root, or weakened by the passage of time. Similarly, the color change indicates whether or not they are healthy. If turn yellow, the cause is found in enamel abuse or nicotine patches (in case of smoke), and if they are brown, are, in general, by infection with fungi.


The nails are made of keratin, a protein that grows continuously, from its very root, which is renewed every three to five months. While there are nerve endings surrounding them around, this makes them sensitive to stimuli of pressure, temperature and shock. Its structure consists of five parts: the nail area (area visible and hard), the parent (or root, responsible for their formation and growth), the bed (the skin surface on which it rests), the retreat cuticle and the crescent or lunula (the point where a semicircular born and white). In terms of its form, is inherited, but your health depends on the condition of the body and the care that is lavished.



The nail also need care

To keep nails healthy and increase their strength and brightness is important to follow a balanced diet that includes vegetables, fruits, proteins and vitamins (especially A, C, and B complex), Omega 3 plus and zinc, if necessary, take a vitamin supplement that contains calcium. Similarly, you should follow a series of frequent care, among them, wash hands with soap and neutral cold water or warm rather than hot, to prevent drying, and dry carefully and slowly. Then moisturize with a nourishing cream to regain that lost moisture. Cotton gloves should be worn rubber gloves coated in domestic work, and whenever hands are exposed chemicals.

The manicure will help keep them in top condition, so it is advisable to get a weekly, either at home or in a specialized center. It is essential to use the right tools: scissors, files, pliers or nail clippers. The enamel can function as protector, but if left too long (especially the fast-drying) can cause damage: the dry or brittle. It is recommended, then change it often to rest or breathe nails. You must use a non-acetone nail polish remover, as this substance dries the nail root. Also, it is best to file the nails cut. As for removing the cuticle, a protective layer that prevents the invasion of bacteria in that area, so that having a manicure should not be eliminated entirely.

It is also important to have products for nail care offered in the market. Are cosmetic ingredients and specific assets.


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