How to know if your partner like you

Whether a man is interested in you is not an impossible task, you can find out the intentions that you have to pay some attention to how you move it; just body language is the key.

how to tell if a man really loves you

Rub eyebrows
When the boy gently rubbed his eyebrows or the lens is adjusted repeatedly while talking to you is a clear sign that he likes you. This is a gesture that men often unconsciously do it therefore pay attention to this sign seemingly insignificant but very revealing.

Smiles when talking
Smiling for no reason while chatting with you is a sign that you are special to him and wants to please you. This same body gesture what women usually do while talking.

Be nice to your friends
When a man wants to impress spares no additional efforts, if you notice your child behaves very nice and respectful of your friends to say he wants to look good so you can have a good picture of him, and in turn they support this perception.

Flirt triangle
This is a bodily gesture that men often do when a woman they like, look at the eyes first, then go down and watch the mouth and back again to the eyes. Pay attention to your child as they talk and see if you make this move.

Combing the hair with hands
Any guy who combs hair with hands and bows is because he wants to impress. Men worry about their appearance especially when they are in front of the girl they want.

Hand gestures
Both men and women use their hands to communicate when they feel shame and anxiety, but they are much more evident. If the guy waving his hands as much speech is to attract your attention and in turn to hide their trust issues, and this happens because it really interest him.


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