How to lose weight after pregnancy

The weight maintenance and not overdoing it during pregnancy is a goal that not all women get as standard practice is to raise some extra pounds. While this does not create a health problem if kept within healthy limits, once the baby is born the extra weight it can be uncomfortable for women.

Fortunately these extra kilos can be lost easily through breastfeeding and of course proper nutrition along with exercise. Only by combining these natural patterns you can regain the body you had before pregnancy.

The main thing is to have a balanced diet, this is achieved by eating fewer carbohydrates (pasta, candy, flour, bread etc.) and increasing intake of fruits and vegetables raw and cooked dairy and lean meats.

The regular exercise is also a complement rather than necessary but always follow your doctor’s recommendations about the type of exercise that can be performed after delivery.

Moreover, the breastfeeding baby helps burn calories and when complemented this with a proper diet that provides essential nutrients for milk production without any excesses, the weight loss is imminent and that the body will use fat accumulated in pregnancy.
Weight loss after pregnancy
Note that in addition to these recommendations, the rest is essential, though difficult to achieve during the first months of life the child. If necessary it should take short naps to regain energy.

Important recommendations:

  • When you are breastfeeding not to on diet but eating a balanced diet without excess calories.
  • Always take more than 2 liters of water a day.
  • It is convenient to choose healthier cooking methods that do not add extra calories such as steam, grill, oven.
  • Where you can not do any physical exercise walking can be implemented to burn calories and tone the body.


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