How to lower cholesterol?

To lower the bad cholesterol proper diet and exercise are essential, it is important to take this into account and adopt these habits into daily life, as the LDL (bad Cholesterol) is a silent murderer that clogs arteries and progressively without causing symptoms.

To lower the bad cholesterol you have to follow some simple guidelines to implement, but to be followed consistently to incorporate into your daily routine.

How to lower cholesterol

Tips to Lower Cholesterol:

Breads prefer lean and high in fiber, like whole grains.

Do not eat sausages or processed foods because they are full of fat and cholesterol.

Consuming fish, its flesh is rich in Omega-3, like flax seeds.

Do not eat foods with trans fatty acids because they also raise the bad cholesterol, lower HDL is good. To do this you must avoid margarines, shortenings and foods containing hydrogenated vegetable oil.

Eat nuts such as walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts, cashews and pecans. While they are high-calorie food, a small daily serving of them gives you good fats.

Avoid high fat desserts and replace them with light versions.

Consume plenty of fiber, you get this incorporated into your diet foods, fruits, vegetables and legumes.

Cooking healthily, using cooking methods that do not involve the addition of fat as grill, steam, boil, griddle, oven.

Always choose lean cuts and remove visible fat from meats, like the skin from poultry before cooking.

Choose olive oil for dressing salads, remember that this oil is very good for health, but always have to eat it raw.

Do not eat fast food, candy or junk food.

Moderates the use of salt, celery salt preferred for hypertensive and condiments and spices used to flavor your meals.

Exercise regularly: walk, run, do swimming, go to the gym or do any other physical activity that allows you to burn fat.

Control your stress levels, this problem is often the cause of high cholesterol. In these cases, yoga, meditation, Reiki and other therapies are effective alternatives to combat anxiety levels.


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