Discover how to maintain a healthy weight consciously

With the start of the new year one of the first good intentions and you ask to get back in shape and lose the excess weight? Do you want to lose weight without giving up the pleasure of eating the foods you like most?

How to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight consciously

Here are some good tips to lose weight without dieting count calories but using the power of the mind to achieve your ideal weight permanently.

The strict rules imposed by diet eventually get only the result of a swing where the body weight goes up and down, creating a yo-yo effect and making you fall into depression and loss of yet another in the endless guilt.

If you teach your body to stay for long periods short of calories, it fits the changing metabolism and learning to make stocks like camels.

In the last article you have clarified the issue of excess fat that so beset the people who want to lose weight and problems of the modern.

It is all right to follow educational programs for a good intake of healthy nutrients for a balanced diet. But this is not enough. Your mind must continually follow directions on what should or should not do every day, following schedules, work, children, organization of the house. But how many rules!

Enough with the forbidden foods, renunciations, the guilt. Enough with the food used as medicine to reduce stress, anger, disappointment. You are the only person who knows you and understands you really, who knows what the mood right for your improvement.

You have already inside you all the resources you need, and you can learn to understand the language of your mind to make your more powerful ally to regain your health and shape your body once.

Now you can regain your ideal weight and take ownership of your freedom.


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