How to make money by working from home?

Much has been written about work from home and be with family. However, the truth is that it is not as easy as they make it seem. As a working mother you will be a freelancer, you have seen many advantages of working from home, but there are certain rules that must be respected and, as much as we think you can spend more time with family, it really depends on the schedules and tasks that you have at home and you need to cover the salary ends meet and the type of work you have to do at home.
work from your home is something more comfortable, both for people who are dedicated to it and to the companies

The benefits of working at home

One of the advantages of working from home is, without doubt, to be with your children when you want. This is one of the biggest advantages I saw in this work and for what I considered to be freelance.

However, other factors such as the amount of money you must earn to day having to pay taxes is something to keep in mind and sometimes it is difficult to do all you have to do and be aware of the children at home. Read also: Teleworker – Work from home guide

Another advantage of being a worker from home is that you can go to the doctor when you want or do whatever you want on the day you want and without having to explain. However, you think that every day is a day you do not work unless you pay, so freelance workers often have to work the odd weekend.

Work organization

For all this, it is very important to learn that there are times that it is best to meet and set yourselves some money you earn minimum daily wage to make sure that you need.

Being able to pick up the kids to school or not having to depend on anyone when they have parties is another benefit of working at home. Thus, you will not have to pull or grandparents have to pay babysitters.

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Anyway, the most important is the fact organized, have a forecast and try to win the month before the holidays or to reduce costs, as insurance will not reach the billing you need.

Nevertheless, work from your home is something more comfortable, both for people who are dedicated to it and to the companies, so there is an expectation that this type of freelance work from home will gain ground on work you have to go to the company.


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