How to make your hair up with chopsticks

The chopsticks are very practical for a wide variety of hairstyles sexy and exotic, through them you can hold your hair and get an up oriental air.

Chopsticks allow you make one or more runners, or straps with elegant or more wild and bohemian.

It should be noted that to achieve an east hairstyle you need to have straight hair, like women of china, but you can do if you have a hair with waves only that the result will not be air-Asia.

How to make your hair up with chopsticks

Procedure to set out with chopsticks

Pull all hair back in a ponytail and hold it arms the impeller. Chopsticks crosses through the impeller and leaves a few strands of hair hanging on the sides of the face.

You can also do the same hairstyle without the queue and holding the hair only sticks

Another variation is to make a semi collected, in this case will have to take the upper half hair and tail assembly, making the bun and secure with toothpicks.

As you can see the foundation of all hair is in the imagination and the ability to implement new trends . Go ahead and try different hairstyles until you find the better you feel.

To be able to give you a better idea of how to do these hairstyles you leave a few funny videos that explain very well the whole process.


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