How to Make Your Own Face Chart for makeup

The Face Charts formats faces are drawn on paper, these images are used by professional makeup artists to capture a look at certain models and not lose time on the day of the show or photo shoot.

There are numerous models of Face Charts, some eyebrows are drawn as not, the nose is more or less defined and the shape of the face varies among all the existing types.

How to Make Your Own Face Chart for makeup

Face To use the Chart, the drawing color makeup before looking for the perfect style, according to eye color and characteristics of a model. This is a very useful tool that saves time and can not only be used by professionals, you can also use it to discover new styles and realize a makeup differently each time.

In the Face Chart embodies all kinds of ideas that have come to mind, you can go mixing colors and styles, which is very useful to know what kind of makeup goes with certain physical characteristics.

To make a Face Chart first have to get a template (you can find on the Internet) or draw it yourself if you have the ability to make a face, which has the advantage of being able to do it in a personalized way. Make several copies of the picture because the first few times may not get the expected result, that is until you take the technique practical.

Ideally, you do the drawing with old makeup that do not use more (not to squander the good ones) and the makeup brushes you use regularly.

You can also make the Face Chart with crayons and markers, but these do not fade so you do not get the same effect with the shadows, yes, avoid makeup cream and liquids because the paper absorbs.


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