How to move app to SD and free up space

Why move app to SD? What could possibly serve? With this guide, you will discover why it is important to move Android app on SD and why is one of the key factors that have contributed to such success to Android! Another reason was the sale of lower-priced devices with a Google operating system installed. Lately, though, things are, even more so, improved to the point that the quality of Android under the two hundred euro is much improved to the point that its smartphones were a real revelation for the year 2014. Of course, However, one of the features that have fascinated the users is the ability to expand the device with a good SD card.

Do you know what an SD card?

Android has given us the ability to move apps to SD from the start progressing through the settings
For SD means Secure Digital memory cards and are very common, useful to save a lot of information digitally on the flash memory, that is, which remain even when the phone is off. The ability of these SD cards is very high and reaches up to 128 GB while having the reduced size. Think that are designed to be inserted inside your phone, it is a format type of 11x15x1mm.

Why move Android app on SD?

Moving app to SD card is an important operation as producers for enjoying significant better performance of your phone. For lowering the price of their devices, cheap phone manufacturers are inserting little memory inside the phone. Therefore, suddenly, in fact, you will be notified who will tell you that you will have little room inside your smartphone and, therefore, you can not install other apps. As it is done in this case? There are two solutions: to delete the apps you do not use or that we consider superfluous or move the app to an SD card.

Android has given us the ability to move apps to SD from the start progressing through the settings. A simple function for all types of users because just a tap but that, in reality, is not supported by all apps, especially if we think of the app system, installed from the start on the devices. On the SD, among other things, you can move only some data of the app while, instead, another portion will remain within our smartphone.

Link2SD, a quick way to move applications to SD

to delete the apps you do not use or that we consider superfluous or move the app to an SD card

Link2SD is a very fast way to move app to SD and is a very useful, to move any app and its data on a memory card. So you will not have even a remnant in your internal memory. Remember: to move the app to SD cards it is necessary to leave the Root permissions on your device and make a partition of its SD with a PC. You can proceed to partition your external memory by following a few steps and is a procedure that applies to everyone. The root, however, requires a different procedure from smartphone to smartphone. Once you get the root, to move app to SD have to, first of all, make a partition of your MicroSD and then install and configure App2SD. We are here for and we will explain everything step by step.

How to share a SD

Link2SD is a very fast way to move app to SD and is a very useful, to move any app and its data on a memory card

To share a SD not need to know so many steps but is a procedure that must be carried out directly from your PC. Make first a backup of all the data you have on your MicroSD because, throughout the procedure, the drive will be formatted. We share, as well, the MicroSD in two different partitions between them: the first host applications while, instead, the other our files. We must share our SD in this way : to leave the app 1.5 / 2 GB, the rest for our files. We unload our PC MiniTool Partition Wizard and proceed with the installation. PC to connect the SD used on our smartphone (just take a SD adapter).

Once started MiniTool Partition Wizard, we have to select the MicroSD – easy to spot, just look at how many GB is formed under “Capacity” – and let’s click “Delete”.

We’re going to select, once again, the MicroSD and will click on “Create”.

In the “Create As” select the “Primary” and then “Ext4” in “File Partition”. In “Size and Location” let’s select the amount of memory to allocate to our division where we’re going to move applications. We allocate 2 GB otherwise we will have more space for our data partition. We will continue with a click on OK. Selecting the new partition will appear, and we recognize under “Unallocated” in the “File System”, we will click, then on “Create”.

In the “Create As” instead, select “Primary” as in “File Partition” “Ext4”. We proceed with an “OK” and you’re done. As you have seen, to share a SD it is a breeze and, now, you can copy all your personal data that we have made ??a backup before you forward us in this process. Remember now what do we do? The installation and configuration of Link2SD to move apps to the SD.

Link2SD: installation and configuration

After making the partition of your MicroSD card, we must start installation and configuration Link2SD to move app to SD. Go Play Store, you will find the application that we need without the risk of viruses or other damage. Open the Google Play Store from our device and proceed with the download of Link2SD.

Once started Link2SD we grant permissions Root app. When we ask for this information, we will select as the file system “Ext4” as far as our secondary partition. This second partition, we have created previously, will be recognized properly and the app will tell us to proceed with the restart of the device. After restarting, we must re-launch Link2SD and select from among the three icons shown at the top, first. We have to make only visible the app user . Now select “User”, let’s have the app installed and select which applications to move on MicroSD. Link2SD app will tell us what we have, how much memory we occupied, both the internal and external which files are and how much they weigh. Selecting “Link to SD” proceed to move the selected app to SD.

I recommend you select “User” to not modifricare system applications because it is a step risky especially if you are not very experienced. If, instead, you want to move on SD also all of your system applications, select “All”.

What have we learned?

We have learned to move app to SD through operations immediate and fast. Do not worry, it is a long process but everything is simpler than what we imagine. We recommend that, once again, not to move applications to the system, such as those relating to SMS or settings of your device, so you can make your system unstable if not even lock your phone. Just a bit ‘of attention to make a simple and useful.


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