How to organize a wedding with a wedding planner

Entrust the organization of their wedding to a wedding planner, is to contact a professional to take care to provide any type of counseling to couples about to get married and to organize, in every detail, their best day. From invitations to investments, the location of the party, passing by the choice of flowers, the musical, entertainment, car of the bride and the wedding favors, the marriage counselor provides suggestions and solutions to make the perfect day of your marriage. We see, therefore, how to organize a wedding with a wedding planner.

The first tip is not to be at the wedding planner without having clear head in his budget statement. The second tip is to not go and expect, in a jiffy, be able to give you all the answers to your questions, and after a few minutes you know, has already entered into perfect harmony with you and that, therefore, will organize the day of your wedding that you are almost forced to speak.

first tip is not to be at the wedding planner without having clear head in his budget statement

It does not work like this: first to present a marriage counselor, you must have set of points: first of all you need to know if it will be a civil or religious ceremony and, as a result, the theme of the day. The possible types of marriage are, in fact, many and very different from each other: there is the classic wedding, the one with the bride with the classic white dress, Gothic, in which the couple prefer dark colors and furnishings to theme, that 50s style Happy Days, the country, celebrated in a church in the countryside or mountain and celebrated in the middle of nature. Once you have chosen the theme of your wedding will be easier, then, to give your wedding planner a series of crucial information because you are navigating blindly, expressing ideas or proposals by no means suited to the style of the couple.

After deciding the theme and style, it is essential to turn his attention to the dress code, not only as the dress code, but also as colors of the wedding. Having thus chosen the kind of clothing that you wear that day, it is important to choose colors that characterize it: colors, in fact, will then influence invitations and participation, favors, decor of the rooms, centerpiece, the paper menu and wines, flowers and bride’s bouquet, but also the clothing of the guests and any bridesmaids.

At this point, the fixed points of the wedding, the wedding planner will be sufficient to explain their interests, desires and passions, so that it can organize everything as close as possible to the wishes of the bride and groom, deciding which car to rent, what kind of location to see what type of furniture. According propose, of course, within the target budget.

The last fundamental requirement that they must have the bride and groom is to trust the advice your personal adviser and, at the same time, do not accept everything that is proposed to them: remember that marriage is yours, so just be directed in the right way and everything will go perfectly!


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