How To Prepare Accommodation For Dwarf Rabbits

Your bunny rabbit is about to enter in your family? Everything is ready for his arrival? The dwarf rabbits is not an animal to be kept locked in a cage for long periods. Loneliness, boredom and imprisonment in a cage are seriously detrimental to his physical and mental well-being. This small wad of hair will be happy to get a comfortable accommodation.

However, it must therefore be ensured animals the opportunity to play, they run, jump, rest and interact with you in a safe, secure and comfortable all day.

Here are some tips before the “happy event”.

Prepare Accommodation For Pets Dwarf Rabbits at home

First, you must make suitable place avoiding direct contact with other animals, such as dogs and ferrets. If you keep it at home, you have to be very careful that during the hours of leave, it does not incur risks to his health. You should not place the cage in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.

Make sure that there are no electrical wires, curtains, ornamental plants, drugs, any rubber and detergents in the room. If these elements were ingested, even in small quantities, your bunny rabbit would face a certain death.

Instead, if you do not have a room completely safe “rabbit-proof”, you can restrict access with a fence so that at times when you are not in your home you will be more relaxed and he can come and go without hindrance, doing his normal activities.

The balcony porch could be a viable alternative. The important thing is that the animal does not come in contact with plants, fertilizers or cables of irrigation. The environment must not be wet, exposed to continuous direct sunlight and temperature changes.

The garden can surely represent the most suitable environment for the rabbits, but still requires adequate attention, which should not be underestimated. You have to offer shelter from the cold, wind, rain and heat stroke. It is essential to enclose the area used for the rabbits to protect it from attack by other animals. The fence must be at least one meter high, buried a couple of feet from the top and closed with a special cloth.

Whatever your choice, the cage must not certainly to be missed. In the market there are various types of cages, there are more suitable for the garden hutches, wooden fence and attached special cages suitable for the home, with the plastic bottom and walls with bars. At the time of purchase is advisable to select a spacious cage because, during your absence if you are not sure that your puppy will be safe from any danger, you should close the cage.

Another fundamental characteristic is the base of the cage, which must be made of plastic with the bottom upwards without countersinks, in order to avoid the unpleasant leakage of the litter. It is strictly forbidden to use the cages with the gratings bottom, because it is one of the main causes of bumblefoot, an inflammation of the hind limbs, which in severe cases lead after long Calvary, on the death of the animal.

Having chosen the cage and placed it in a safe place, you have to set it up with the following accessories: a bowl steel for feed pellets, a water bottle, a portafieno, a toilet and a corner house.

Inside of the toilet and on the floor of the cage you can use the normal odorless white paper towels or wood chips, need to be changed regularly every day. Any other material, for example the one for used for cat litter, is highly discouraged, since if ingested would lead to an intestinal blockage with consequent death of the rabbits.

In conclusion, if you let your pet free to wander around the house in your presence, it will implement a relationship of mutual trust that you will become an integral part of his life, recognizing it as an essential element and a reference point on which to make full and reliance.


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