How to prepare for a job interview?

An interview is eminently a situation where you want to put your best foot forward. A first condition is of course a calm and confident attitude. Prepare yourself psychologically for the interview. You can do this by practicing with friends or family members. You can also prepare you for the call to establish by what questions you can expect and the replies. At that time you don’t have to invent an answer on the spot or on a hunch to hope. Here are some suggestion with sample questions and answers that can expect in a job interview.

Sample questions and answers for a job interview

Why do you want to work here?

This question relates to your motivation and this is one of the main topics during a job interview. A future employer will like to deepen this topic. Give motivated answer, show that you are enthusiastic and spits you answers to the company where you are applying for, in advance to inform about the work and activities of the company and the feature you should go play.

Why are you going away from your previous employer?

This too is a question that you can expect. The prospective employer will try to understand whether there are conflicts with previous employers or will wonder if you might not performed well. Give this question a clear and logical answer.

How do you see yourself in five or ten years?

A prospective employer will ask you what your future expectations. Make sure you have clear ideas about it. This is also a good opportunity to show you what a new job and the possible flow of opportunities within the company expected.

Why did you not work for a period? (In case your cv has a gap)

Employers are always very interested in ‘gaps’ in the CV. Give this a clear and logical explanation especially without the defense going.

Are you willing to relocate or travel?

This is certainly a question that you should think about in advance and this is a question you should be honest and clear, even though the answer your chances of finding employment decrease. However you create false expectations, then you lay the foundation for future problems.

How would you describe yourself?

Get yourself down and not price yourself into the sky. Provide a realistic description of yourself. To answer this question you can go to friends, acquaintances and colleagues to consult. Distil from their answers those things where you can find and mix in with your own opinion. Make sure you are convinced of the things you say.

What kind of fellow are you?

Again, a question button for previous colleagues are useful, but never forget that the things you say ultimately your opinion and that you have them with certainty to be able to bring forward.

What are your strengths and what are your weaknesses?

A standard question that you probably already have heard, and which you may directly answer to you, but it is important to you in advance to bend over so that you can response the situation, the company and the job for which you are applying.

Why you should choose us?

This can be a tricky question. Try the answer is not too much in your own person to focus but it relates especially to the business and circumstances that relate to the new job. Think about what your contribution to this company in particular could be.

Do you have questions?

This is a time when you can show that well have in mind for the job you are applying for and by which company. Prepare a few intelligent questions to which the company itself to do. This is not the time to get to the height of your salaries.

Finally: beware of tricky questions

Question you always wonder what the background of a question. A seemingly innocent question usually has a deeper meaning. You apply for a job in which you’ll need to explain many things to others, don’t be surprised if you’re asked whether you can imagine things others do not understand. In a first impulse you might say “no” because you want to show that you understand things quickly, but such a response would be explained by a future employer if you’re not able to move and not good in others that will be able to explain.


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