How to prevent and improve urinary incontinence with Kegel exercises

The exercises help strengthen pelvic floor muscle that runs from the pelvis, through the pubis up to the coccyx. The key is to contract and relax repeatedly, the PC muscle at least 5 minutes three times a day for better bladder control and thus improve urinary incontinence. This exercise strengthens the muscles that support and maintain the pelvic organs in place.

To start these exercises one have to sit or lie down keeping the muscles of buttocks, abdomen and thighs relaxed. Collapses the muscle around the anus as if trying to control a gas but do not tighten your buttocks, relax and repeat these movement several times to make sure you do it correctly.

How to prevent and improve urinary incontinence with Kegel exercises

Try to only tighten the pelvic muscles and do not hold your breath while doing so. At first do 1 set of 10 to 15 repetitions, and then increments the same notes as greater muscular endurance.

Another way to train your pubococcygeus muscle and whether it is correctly you contract when you urinate, a weekly lets out a stream of urine and stop it completely in half, then released again and follow these steps to make sure that drives the right muscles.

How to perform Kegel exercises

Pubococcygeus slowly shrinks as hard as you can, hold the tension for 5 seconds and relax 10. Repeat these steps 10 times in three different times of day.

Another form of exercise is contracting and relaxing quickly without relaxing, in this case you have to start with 15 repetitions and be increased as you notice more tone and strength.

These exercises can be made at any time of day and if done regularly and with perseverance you can get a significant improvement after 6 weeks of starting with the routine.


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