How to quit smoking without gaining weight

Smoking is harmful to health, this is known by all smokers but they have no vice. The truth is to leave the cigarette is not an easy task for everyone.
Parallel to this is the fear of gaining weight, many women smokers are reluctant to kick the habit for fear of gaining weight and do not realize that up a few kilos is much better than constantly exposed to all the health problems that can cause cigarette.

How to quit smoking without gaining weight

Similarly it is possible to avoid excessive weight gain and even some people gain weight when they stop using snuff because implement tips that enable them to prevent weight gain.

The reasons to stop smoking you gain weight is because smoking reduces feelings of hunger, causes a loss of smell and taste and reduces gastric contractions and increases blood sugar, reduces fat production and stimulates the use of fat reserves.

In addition, smoking increases the energy consumption at rest as it accelerates the metabolism basal, burning 250 calories in a smoker than a nonsmoker.
To quit the body regains its normal functioning, in some cases weight gain, especially in people who did not eat well or eat little while smoking.

To avoid weight gain it is important to respect the 4 daily meals and psych you will feel hungrier than when smoked, in addition to maintaining regular physical activity to offset what you eat more.
In some cases it is essential to have pharmacological aids such as nicotine patches, gum for smoking cessation, among other medical aids.

As for feeding the key is to eat moderately, avoid fatty foods and sugars, and incorporate foods rich in fiber, whole grains, breads, rice, pasta, drink more liquids and food to recover the balance of the body (fruit, vegetables, lean meats, fish, milk).

Sample menu:
Breakfast and lunch: tea (no stimulant), dairy, 1 fruit and 2 slices of bread with jam light and spreadable fat cheese.
Mid-morning snack: fruit and a portion of cheese or yogurt.

Lunch and dinner: portion of lean meat, vegetables (raw or cooked) portion of cheese and fruit.
Avoid alcohol and stimulating beverages like coffee, cola drinks, energy drinks, also removes the candy from your daily routine.


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