How to Recover Lost photos, videos, documents instantly

How to Recover Lost photos, videos, documents instantlyIf you accidentally deleted your data from your memory card or lost by any mean, don’t be too despair. Here are some free ware that can easily bring back your tour memories, your beloved holiday photos or your official documents etc.

In this situation Recuva surely can help you. Recuva is a free software, with which you can recover your lost photo, videos, documents etc just in a few clicks and it can be operated by the integration of a very simple wizard.

It’s worth to mention that if you added new data on this memory card after losing some data, the old data and photos are gone forever!

Theoretically, you can restore all deleted data as long as you have not already overwritten with new ones. Including the recovery of audio and video files and documents. To ask the assistant in a window here are the types of pictures, music, documents, video and e-mails you want to restore. Of course, you can get all the information directly with one click back on this, please select the option “Other”.

The next step is to select the location where your data may have held prior to the loss, this can be your memory card, however, also be any other folder on their computer.

The last window then start the data recovery. Here was the “deep scan” only selected if the data could not be detected with a simple pass.

If the scan completed, you are presented the data, which were still to be found on the memory card. Now select the images that you want to restore and click the Restore button. This opens a dialog in which you must select the new location of your pictures, watch out, however, is not here to choose the memory card on which the data is lost because you cannot overwrite it again!

If you select the new location and the program shows you that the restore process is complete, you can view your pictures again as if you were never lost.

The software runs on Microsoft Windows operating systems

Yes, of course there are other free programs that allow a recovery.

If the presented “Recuva” not running or not working properly on your system, you should find “PC Inspector Smart Recovery” and “PhotoRescue Pro also two good programs that help you to recover your lost data. These two are free, while the latter one is shareware. Both have a similar design structure to Recuva and are therefore also for laymen. You can also try Data recovery, Data remanence, File deletion, Undeletion etc.


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