How to reduce the size of the notifications of your iPhone

Cydia developers are constantly working with the development of new tweak to customize your iOS device. The customization that you want to talk today about the notifications, and in particular those that appear at the top of the screen. Many people regard them as elegant and unobtrusive, but others think that they serve and indeed wasting too much space! Their aim should be, always according to some, just to attract the attention of the person and do not bother. A tweak that helps in this is definitely SmallBanners. This will reduce automatically all notifications limiting their height to that of the status bar.

How to reduce the size of the notifications of your iPhone with SmallBanners

As you can see from the pictures, the difference lies in removing some information and visual details that are not required notifications, leaving only the bare essentials: the icon is often removed or minimized and eliminated from the sender’s name, leaving only the actual message. Do not need any configuration tweaks since, once activated, it applies the new style of notification of all future ones. This tweak can be found from the repo BigBoss in Cydia Store, where you can download it for free.


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