How to refine pores and what products to use

The pores are typical of oily or have at some point in life have been and were not kept with any cosmetic treatment. To reduce and virtually eliminate the open pores there is no alternative to the mechanical peeling diamond or chemical acids.

But in case you do not want or can not access these treatments, either for lack of money or because the problem of your skin is not warranted, it is possible to minimize pores with other techniques.

How to refine pores and what products to use

The key to minimizing pores is in the daily facial cleansing, this has to be done twice a day with the right products for your skin type. Remember that facial is performed to remove contamination caused by external factors (makeup, pollution, dirt, dust …) and internal (sebum, dead cells, debris, etc).

Cleaning for oily skin with large pores

Performs aseptic across the face with disinfectant wipes or a tonic with antibacterial, then apply a foaming cleanser and remove all traces of makeup, in case you do not have this product you can use a cleansing milk and lighter fluid. Rinse thoroughly.

The next step is Peel (once a week) with a small granular exfoliating cream. The need to spend it with gentle circular motions and increase the pressure in key sectors (pores, wrinkles, blackheads and impurities).

Once you’ve passed the scrub, rinse well and apply a mask for oily skin which may be reducing pores, leave it on your time and rinse with water.

To finish with clean tones the skin with astringent for oily skin followed by the cream, gel or emulsion you use regularly.


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