How to relieve torticollis: Back pain remedy

Are you searching for pain remedy? Are you suffering from a stiff neck or back pain for the first time and you cannot stand it? If you know a stiff neck or neck pain you know that it is a spasm that causes your neck is stiff or twisted to one side. It is a very painful episode and annoying and can take several days to pass.

So you can stop suffering the persistent pain in your neck, that limits you in your daily life and is very unpleasant, follow these tips.


  • Heat the area of the neck with a shower of warm or hot water, as hot as possible without hurting your skin. You can also use cloths with cold water or a heating pad. You can also get heat Sticky pads sold in Oriental food stores.
  • When you have made the area is hot enough, make gentle movements of your neck. Ideally, if you can do, is to complete circular movements stretching your neck as possible. The movement should be very gentle so as not to cause damage even worse. You should not feel pain when performing the exercises.

How to relieve torticollis

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  • Take your head from left to right hand and press it into the right shoulder. Keep a few seconds the stretch.
  • Perform the same exercise with the opposite hand.
  • Drink a tea of valerian. Can you produce a lot of sleep because it is a plant that serves to relax. It is recommended that you then drink at night or when you’re likely to sleep all the relaxation you need.
  • Check with your doctor about taking painkillers and what you can eat in your particular case.

In order not to suffer in the future torticollis

  • Seeks to do activities you enjoy and relax.
  • Avoid spending too much time in front of the computer. If you necessarily use it, use a moving chair that supports your back properly and stay away from backless seats.
  • Do not sleep in awkward positions. Look for a mattress and a pillow in good condition and quality.
  • Make exercise and activities such as yoga or swimming strengthen the muscles of the neck.
  • Do not keep tensions. If needed, take sessions psychotherapy.
  • Ask your doctor whether you need to perform exercises postural rehabilitation, or if you receive a massage.

Remember to always consult your doctor and take action to prevent further episodes of torticollis in the future.


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