How to remove mold from the wallpaper – Tips and Tricks

Mold on the wallpaper is not only a visual problem, this should be removed as quickly as possible, since this can lead to health problems. The mold spores spread in the air, they are harmful . Who wants to remove mold from the wallpaper should not eliminate it only locally at one point. It must be removed radically, so that the cause is fought and re-infestation is prevented. As a first mold can be hoped for, that this is caused by too little ventilation. A professional should be called when the mold is not due to the ventilation of the rooms.

How to remove mold from the wallpaper - Tips and Tricks

Who wants to remove the mold from the wallpaper, can do this quickly with a few tricks, but this is only a cosmetic treatment and no mold remediation. While treating with the mold, you should wear rubber gloves. Commercially available Mildew can be sprayed, and it acts just one and then the agent is washed off. The wallpaper can be wiped with alcohol and the remaining spots can be covered with toothpaste. Anyone who has painted murals should recoating selectively, if the removal of the patches has left its mark. A patterned wallpaper can not be saved, each mold stain also takes on the pattern of the wallpaper.

If the mildew coming from a leaking wall, the wall must be sealed. Proper ventilation will take at least five to ten minutes and should be performed three times daily.


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