How To Remove Stretch Marks

An anti-aesthetic problem that affects both men and women, but especially women, is stretch marks. These imperfections arise when the body undergoes sudden changes in weight, as a strong weight loss or pregnancy. In this guide we will, therefore, explain the causes giving rise to the appearance of stretch marks, in order that you can prevent or even almost remove these annoying skin defects.

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First, it must be noted that the appearance of stretch marks is also dependent on the type of skin you have. The skin is composed in its deeper layers and compact structural and elastic substance (collagen and elastin) that allow it to adapt to many changes. Normally, the skin endures subtle changes in weight, because it is structured so as to expand and shrink within certain limits, which will be different from subject to subject.

An anti-aesthetic problem that affects both men and women, but especially women, is stretch marks

When you put a lot of weight, the skin slowly stretches, even beyond the “tolerable” levels. The same happens on the belly of a pregnant woman. What happens if you lose weight quickly or give birth? The skin has not materially time to shrink or is able to do so only in part. This leads to an occurrence of stretch marks, real “cuts” on the surface of the skin, which tends to wrinkle with weight loss or childbirth.

The first effective tip you should do is to prevent the appearance of stretch marks. If you know that you will be dealing with a strong weight loss or pregnancy you can use a pancierina, including legs (which tend, equally, to the appearance of stretch marks). It is clear that if you are a pregnant woman, it is good that you ask your Gynecologist which may be best suited that does not give problems in pregnancy. The panciera makes the skin stable, both in its relaxing in weight loss. Merely that it is wrinkling too quickly and, therefore, limits the appearance of stretch marks.

Why you should prevent stretch marks? Because it is difficult or nearly impossible to remove them altogether there are post-emergence measures, but it must be taken when these imperfections are cool and fresh or pinkish color.

In fact, there are many creams against stretch marks, mostly very expensive that, accompanied to a prolonged massage, help the skin to restore those components that can reinstate. The most effective means is, however, the aesthetic treatment based laser. Once, however, stretch marks have become white and looking the translucent one can only mitigate.


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