How to renew your sex life with your life partner

Always the same day, at the same time and in the same place. Please, a little imagination ! If your sex life languishes because of the monotony, get to work, talk it over with your partner, change of attitude and improvisation.

The aim should be to have a good time with each other, laughing again. You must promote good communication with your partner because it helps inhibitions to know better.

How to renew your sex life with your life partner

What really helps is having an open and relaxed, which will contribute to the continuous improvement of sexual intercourse. Here are few tips to implement and enjoy again as before and the sex is no longer boring!

Prohibit sex for a few days: It is an extreme measure, but highly effective. This is because, when one knows he can not do something, which is valid also for sex, especially if you and your partner and take a long time together and sex has become something almost “automatic”.
Show your partner what you like: At the time of sex, the man loves to know what most excites his partner. The problem is that before this, some women do not really know what to say. Show him what you like or tell it’s the only way he knows what you want.
Plan an exit end of the week: It’s always good to take time away from work and household chores and concentrate fully on the couple. If you can not go somewhere for the weekend, at least one night out to dinner.
Surprise!: Try something with your partner when he least expects it. If you like each other’s idea, why do not you stop by his office at noon for a little sexual game.
New positions: Dare to try even more poses daring that come to mind. Not need books to teach art and fun, imagination is enough. Think about that when you govern the monotony of life, the pleasure is reduced by half.
Fantasy : More than you ever dreamed of implementing different scenarios with your partner, wild sex in the bathroom, especially a teacher slave, and so on. Do not be afraid to share those fantasies what you imagine with your partner and you might be lucky enough to perform them.


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