How to repair the Windows Recovery Console, NTFS file system

The PC overheated or crashed for several reasons, and off you go with the problems. Improper shutdown of the computer is always the risk of data loss and even damage the file system. The predominant file system is NTFS, which is used by default for Windows installations. In case of damage but you can repair the NTFS file system and thus restore the functionality. Here you will find very easier instructions to repair it.

How to repair the Windows Recovery Console NTFS file system

The Windows Recovery Console

To repair your NTFS file system, you must first access the Windows Recovery Console. You need a bootable Windows CD, you can usually use their normal setup CD. Insert it into the drive and boot from the CD.

If your CD drive is first boot device (in the boot order)in BIOS, you can skip to the next step. Otherwise, you must first open the boot menu in the BIOS. In most systems, you open it directly by pressing on F2 or Del key when the first image appears on the monitor.

Alternatively, you can find the information at startup, how to start your boot menu or you look in the manual for your motherboard. Now select the boot menu from your BIOS. In the following screen, you still need to confirm with Enter the information and the CD will be loaded.

Troubleshooting and repair NTFS file system

If the components and drivers are loaded, you see a blue background, information available on how to proceed. What interests us here, the repair function of Windows, then press “R” to open the console. This will open the Recovery Console and you will be asked to select a drive.

Here you can select the desired hard disk or partition, by default, here is the number “1” to enter. Thus you can choose the C drive, the default installation of Windows. This is followed by a password prompt their administrator password if you do not have one set, simply confirm with pressing Enter.

Now you can access the Recovery Console and can repair the NTFS file system. Type “chkdsk C: /f /r”. This enabled the “check the disk” functionality of Windows. The parameters “/ f” and “/ r” stand for “fixed” and “repair”, so fixing errors and the repair of damaged sectors. When complete type “exit” to leave the repair console, and now your file system is repaired.


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