How to strengthen brittle nails

Short or long nails, square or round, all look good when they are healthy.

The weakening of the nail may be related to several factors. It may be a local problem, caused by prolonged exposure to chemicals, detergents, soaps, etc.. Or you can stand before the symptom of a more general process, either as a natural effect of pregnancy, or a poor diet, and even excess of stress.

Tips to strengthen brittle nails

The nails are composed of layers or sheets made of keratin, a protein also present in the hair. You might realize that the cause of brittle nails is in poor nutrition, in general, your hair is also deteriorated at the same stage.


Spot treatments

Serum: The serum is an intense action moisturizing treatment that is applied in the treatment area, in this case the nails in each application providing a strong dose of specific components to address the damage. Some of the brands that produce serum are weakened nail Clinique and Revlon. Serum treatment was performed for 15 days, and if appropriate, applying one to three times per day. It should not be painted as long as the restorative process.

Enamels empowering: You can also use enamels with calcium and vitamins. There are now more sophisticated products that are worth trying.

Olive oil: What does the olive oil do for your beauty? Before going to bed apply a coat of this balm on your nails and leave for 20 minutes. Just rinse, allowing a remainder on the surface so that it acts also at night.

Horsetail: This is a tea which is available in pharmacies or herbalists. The treatment consists of immersing their nails in a cup of tea warm for a few minutes.



Recover by feeding

As noted above, if the problem of food because we realize the hair and skin will be deteriorated, and not just nails. Therefore, following these few tips, let’s look and feel better in their entirety. In this sense, you are attentive to eat foods rich in:

  • Calcium primarily dairy
  • Iron, which is found in lentils and red meat.
  • Vitamins: you can get it from fruits and vegetables.


Whether it’s a matter of aesthetics, to play the guitar or pleasure, strong nails do to the quality of life. As a last advice it is recommended to wear gloves to wash dishes and clean and maintain healthy hands and nails with vitamin-rich moisturizers.


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