How to sync a BlackBerry on Windows 7 computer

The BlackBerry of Research in Motion (RIM) allows users to synchronize data between your phone and a computer. You can synchronize contacts, tasks and notes. If you do a lot of events you can also synchronize your calendar data so that both the computer and the phone always have the latest information. This will help keep you on time if you have important meetings in the office or not.

How to sync a BlackBerry on Windows 7

1. Download and install the BlackBerry Desktop Software. The download is a self-extracting. Double-click the downloaded file. In Windows 7, you will be asked if you want this program to make changes to your computer. Click “Yes”. Once installed, run the program.

2. Connect your BlackBerry to your computer with the USB cable supplied with the phone. If prompted, click “Yes”.

3. Click on “Start with this device.” If your BlackBerry e-mail uses a BlackBerry Enterprise Server, click “Add my business e-mail account” and follow the onscreen instructions.

4. Enter a name for your BlackBerry when prompted.

5. Click the box next to “data items” to synchronize your contacts, memos, tasks and calendar. Click “Finish”.

6. Click on “Organizer”, then “Settings”. Check the box next to the application that has your data on your computer, such as “Outlook”.

7. Click on “Setup”. Again select the application that the data on your computer, then click “Next”. Now you must choose the rules about the data to be synchronized and how. Read the rules and select the options you want. When finished, click on “Next”, then “Finish”.

The BlackBerry is now set to sync with your Windows 7 computer. Every time you want to synchronize, connect your phone to the PC and the BlackBerry Desktop Software will start. Click “Organizer” and “Sync”.


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