How to transplant a tree without damaging it

The transplantation of plants can be done for several reasons. One is the increased size of the plant, with consequent development of the roots, and of keeping them in the same pot would affect growth.

decorating the house with plants is a design solution that gives a lot of life into the home

Another reason for transplanting plants is the own breakage of the container where it is planted or just that you had planted in a site only to spring up, but their growth conditions require that the change of physical location in the house, and on these occasions can also affect a decision related to the decoration.

Plants and Decoration

True, decorating the house with plants is a design solution that gives a lot of life into the home, so it is not unreasonable to prefer one type of decorative pot to another, to be in harmony with the environment.

Anyway, transplantation should not be done in a hurry and it must be borne in mind the age and time of year and day to make it so that the result is not bad for your plants, whether indoor plants or from outdoor.

Steps to follow

Steps 1: First you need the pots where you place, keeping always caution new pot size and drainage conditions. Also, make sure to have a good credit with which to mix the new land. Also, you should water the plant the day before that the earth is soft and easier to remove without damaging it.

Steps 2: Prior to transplantation, put some potting soil in the bottom of the new pot and then place the plant in the center. Make sure it is completely without squeezing, otherwise it is not worth what you are doing. Grasping the plant at the center see filling the ends, slowly, evenly, making sure it is covered but without reaching the green stems or lower leaves, which corresponds only to the roots and plant growth.

Steps 3: Once finished filling in the outline, gently press the soil with your fingers making sure to leave a gap of one or two inches between the ground surface and the top edge of the pot which will allow watering.

Steps 4: Ends returning to water the plant to go settling and being located in the most desirable. To facilitate adaptation, have it away a few days until you feel you have the same vitality than before.

It’s a simple process, but you must take care to follow these tips to protect the health of the plant.


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