How to turn off automatic updates for Windows 10

deactivating the automatic updates of Windows 10, we can count StopUpdates10

One of the features that best define the Microsoft operating system are the constant updates received by the operating system, updates that are usually designed to cover discovered security holes although sometimes they also serve to expand functions or correct minor failures.

These updates are fully recommended for any computer that connects to the network, but many users see them annoying and something that interrupts their work, makes the computer start or shut down slower and choose to disable them.

Well, if we are interested in deactivating the automatic updates of Windows 10, we can count StopUpdates10, a free software, light and very simple to use, that will allow us to activate or deactivate these updates with the push of a button , making it easier it would be impossible.

To see how the tool works, here is a video showing the activation and deactivation process:

As you can see, this tool barely has functions or menus, since we only have one button that will allow us to choose the desired configuration at each moment , being able to revert the change at the moment that interests us.

Of course, we do not recommend disabling totally and permanently the updates of our operating system, as this action would endanger our equipment, but this software can be very valid if we want to spend a time without updates but activate them later , for example, to deactivate them during the period that we are performing some type of work with the equipment, installing complex or similar applications, but never permanently and for the rest of the system’s useful life.

Therefore, if you are interested in preventing your operating system from receiving updates from Microsoft , you know that with today’s tool it can not be easier.


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