Different ways to use the vacuum cleaner in your home

Vacuum cleaners are a very important tool in the home and when there are no misses. Many people could not live without vacuum because they think it is essential to vacuum the dust from every corner of the home. This is true, but so is that it can help you achieve great things in your house, and there are a few different ways and even unexpected to use the vacuum cleaner might not know. You wanna know what I mean?

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You can make your house smell amazing

To get your vacuum cleaner will help you make your home smell amazing, you can saturate a cotton ball on your favorite essential oil or perfume that you like. Then I put it in the bag of your vacuum cleaner and clean as you normally would. The scent you like will begin to release gently and freshen the air. Do it in every room of the house and notice the difference.

Say goodbye to fleas

If unfortunately fleas have found a way to land on your home, then the vacuum can become your greatest ally. The cleaner can help you get rid of fleas effectively. If you aspire to a carpet where they have fleas you may kill 96% of them. If you are not flea larvae and only then you can kill them all.

End all crumbs

It is true that you can always find crumbs in different areas of your home (especially under the toaster or on the shelves of the refrigerator). Hand vac can be a great tool to get all the crumbs of those corners. When you have brought all the crumbs, then you already can clean areas as you usually do usual.

Vacuums on the windowsill

When spring comes we usually start opening the windows and doors, which makes them passage areas for pollen and dust. Use the brush of the vacuum cleaner to clean the windowsills (and doors) before allergens (dust and pollen) from entering your home. Do this every other day to avoid getting too much dust in your home.


Clean the washing machine filter

The brush of the vacuum cleaner is a good tool to clean the lint filter of the washing machine. You can finish the job with a manual vacuum cleaner sucking. You can get it more easily than if you did it by hand only.

Retrieve a carpet

You may if you’ve ever had to change the furniture around you have noticed that after the carpet is left with unwanted forms. If you want to return to its original state you can put ice cubes in areas where the carpet has sunk and expected to dissolve. Once the ice has melted take the vacuum cleaner and sucks the area, so the carpet will return to its original shape.


Vacuuming a mattress

If you aspire to a mattress you can get all the dirt dust you have, but you can also also absorb odors and smells good again. This will also you can get with cushions or carpets. But before you do have to put some baking soda, sprinkle on the point where you want to clean and let sit for 30 minutes. Then empty the bag in the garbage and say goodbye to dirt.

And the vacuum cleaner will also help clean up the most unusual places such as the computer keyboard office or your car.


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