How To Wear Make Up For Sports

For many women, always have a well-groomed appearance is essential in the life of every day. Who goes to the gym and go running prefers to feel comfortable in these moments. After all who says that makeup for athletes is useless? I will tell you here a few tricks to makeup for this exercises and sporting moments.

The main problem to a person who practices sports is sweating. This function of the body is very useful, but if brought to the excess, it can cause discomfort and embarrassment creating odors. And with the sweat there is a risk that the trick to melt or be ruined, moving to the face and creating smudges. In this case a particular type of cosmetic will helps you, able to adapt these to your needs. I am talking about the waterproof makeup, resistant to water and sweat, it offers comfortable for those who just can not give up the trick in sports.

waterproof makeup, resistant to water and sweat, it offers comfortable for those who just can not give up the trick in sports

My advice is to stay as simple as possible. In the end, what matters most is to cover skin imperfections, such as discoloration and dark circles (using concealers and illuminating). But you must keep in mind that it is best to use products from the lighter texture and breathable. Use, for example, BB Cream like formulas, an innovative cosmetic that is already on the market for several months, able to give a fresh appearance to the skin without adding much weight.

Tips on how to make up and which products to use Base:
If you want to look your skin best, use a BB cream or a light foundation (also colored creams are fine), do not apply to mineral-based foundation because it will tend to leave stains visible on the skin with the starting of sweating. After the foundation passed to the checker, trying to camouflage if any, boils, pimples and dark circles. Do not add blush on the cheeks or lands, for when you will start your activities motor, the skin will be red and of course there will be no need to exaggerate further.

Eyes: advice to enlighten your eyelid with a light eye shadow color of your choice. If you have a look is tired, use a lighter color in the eye, above the tear duct, and then blend it with a darker toward the outside of the eyelid. Again, you can choose whether to use mascara or not, and if yes, choose waterproof one. There will not be any trimming, even if you pass the towel over your face.

Lips: The lips can be the focal point of your sports make up. Do not go overboard with unnecessary red lipstick, rather apply a good cocoa butter colored. In market there are many moisturizers and even with sunscreen (if you go jogging in the park in the summer I recommend it), your lips will be so bright and well protected. Of course, for those who swim, all of these steps are to be taken into account using strictly only waterproof makeup.

Hair: Tips on styling? Stick to the simple, but add nice accessories. If you have long hair get a high ponytail or a braid using soft and colored elastic, if you have a short cut instead, complete your look with super cute and feminine clips: once you make the most mischievous.

Another point to consider is the place where you will carry on your physical activities. If it is outdoor place, remember to always use products with a sun protection on the face and lips.

Especially if you have legs and arms exposed UV Protection is extremely important; never forget to stretch before the Foundation a layer of sunscreen on the face

For those of you, however, would need a high opacity, should go in pharmacy for you to make a suitable correction to your problem cravings, as well as moles, discolorations and vitiligo, can be hidden by these products commercially available.

These offsets are usually waterproof, designed to withstand sea water and have also a sunscreen medium-high. Use them on both body and face, trying to test them before you buy as there are different colors it is important to know which is best suited to your skin, making the effect as natural as possible (this also applies to those who has deep and visible stretch marks on the stomach and hips and that is embarrassing exposure with the costume).

Bets on colored glazes prefer manicured hands when you sport. You have never seen the athletes at the Olympic Games show off the beautiful and extravagant manicure? Today you can even buy a set of adhesives enamel that last longer than a normal liquid enamel.


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