How To Wear Make Up In A Short Time

If you do not have enough time to devote to the make up because you always in a hurry, you need not despair. There is always a solution for everything. In fact, just the right and essential tools and here is how to wear makeup quickly. In just a few easy steps we will explain how to do it and what tricks you use to ensure a perfect face.

After you have washed and dried your face carefully, take your Foundation and pass for good on cheeks, forehead and neck. If you want to save time you can take a product duo — the one that has the function of Foundation and blush. It is a type of cream that spread across her face and smeared it sputter giving the basic effect and even blusher. It might be just this type of solution as long as the choice is most correct and suitable to the color of your skin. That said, here’s how you should proceed.

After you have washed and dried your face carefully, take your Foundation and pass for good on cheeks, forehead and neck

Now you will need a primer to be applied on the eyelids. Take a minimum amount using a brush and then spargetela at the point where it will be passed the pencil (if you have the stick, you can wipe the part and spreading with the brush directly on the face). For a quick trick you can choose to use only pencil for eyes rather than add the eyeshadow, if you don’t have enough practicality in use, it could prove to be a real mess. Otherwise, if you are fast enough and accurate in doing so, remember to apply the primer over the entire surface of the eyelid. Thanks to this product, the color is much more stable for longer or for a good part of the day.

Are you ready to apply the pencil above and below the eye to give greater depth and to highlight the look. If you use you can choose the black eye liner. Alternatively you could opt for that Brown or other colours.

If you have enough dark complexion that are very beautiful pastel colors with gleaming effect, more suitable for an evening make up finishing touch is given by the mascara for this product is always a good idea to use it very carefully by downloading the brush before proceeding with the application otherwise you risk to exceed with the cream and it would create unsightly lumps. Here ready to come out perfect as always.


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