How to Wear Makeup in 5 Minutes?

Whether you are a career woman or a housewife, the pace of modern life brings you always to be in a hurry and go racing, but not for this you want to relinquish your make-up; below you can read a mini guide on how to wear makeup in five minutes, without giving up your daily care and love; Why feel okay and in order with oneself, besides being gratifying, makes you feel even more confident and ready to tackle your workday.

After washing with a mild detergent on the face, stretch out a good day cream, without exaggerating it just a veil, that is all absorbed in circular massaging with your fingers, then apply the foundation: Compact fluid cream, mineral, as you like; It is essential the way stretches. The Foundation should not be applied as a cream but is applied with small touches and on specific areas of the face such as the nose, Chin, under the eyes and forehead, and then it fades out.

stretch out a good day cream, without exaggerating it just a veil

If you do not have time and want to speed up the application of the Foundation, put a small amount of product on the back of the hand, and then apply gently picketing the areas concerned with your fingers, in order to have a natural effect and light. Starts from beneath your eyes and continues on all the points you want to cover: around the nose, Chin, cheekbones, important is the center of the face, stretch the skin gently toward the jaw and neck, in this way, the amount of product in the jaw area – will be minimal neck. It is wrong idea to exceed with the Foundation on your face.

Now let’s move on to eye makeup: lay a thin layer of Foundation on the eyes as a base, put a little cream eye shadow, draw a line of eyeliner or pencil after the eyeshadow, if you like a black stroke, or if you like a gradient effect, starts first with pencil or eyeliner and lastly apply powdered eye shadow or mascara full cream (if the eyelashes are attached for mascara, use a clean toothbrush to untangle them) to the cheeks: a fast touch with the brush of blusher.

Finally you can use lipstick or gloss, Matt or gloss lacquer; lip makeup and what does look “rigged” is what finishes make-up and powder, use a brush for a more airy effect instead of the sponge, distribute the powder evenly. Here now you are ready! And there you have spent more than 5 minutes.


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